Waterproofing & Leak Remediation

Safe and reliable structures have something in common: superior waterproof systems from the ground up. More importantly, your investment needs expertly chosen waterproofing products—something only tenured industry experts can recommend. Element Building Solutions has over 100+ years on-the-ground experience and tailors recommendations to each client.

Our Benefits

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Reduces Heating & Cooling Costs

Increased Property Value

Mold & Mildew Prevention

Insulation Protection

Our Applications

Waterproofing isn’t just an option for structures built to last, it’s a requirement. Far too many building-owners file damage reports due to unsatisfactory waterproofing. To get in-line with building regulations and eliminate unnecessary future expenses, every inch should be covered, and every product should be intentionally chosen for your unique investment. With Element Building Solutions, no corner goes unnoticed.

Case Study Name

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Manufacturer Spotlight