Glazing & Sealants

Element Building Solutions takes the guesswork out of selecting the right sealing products for the job. We offer extensive technical resources and the knowledge that only comes through many years of experience. Together with our manufacturer partners, we will work closely with your team to ensure your projects are waterproofed to stand the test of time.

Our Benefits

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Eliminate Water Intrusion

Weather-tight Structures

Facade Longevity

Mold and Bacteria Reduction

Our Applications

The proper joint sealants are critical to ensuring the long-term weatherability of structures. The team at Element Building Solutions has supported projects of every scale and scope, including high-rise expansion joints, control joints, pick-resistant or security joints, floor seams, parking garages, and much more. Our manufacturing partners offer the complete range of sealant products, with features such as self-leveling, non-sag, chemical-resistance, water-resistance, and color-matching. We will get you the right solution for the job.

Case Study Name

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