Our Process

Still the controlling interest in general construction documentation development. This industry is relying heavily on trade experts in the BEP market for design and specification assistance, making them a less attractive sales target in today’s construction market.
A force multiplier for sales professionals. Trade specific focus requires extremely knowledgeable sales organizations to influence decisions at this level. Emphasis is on knowledge and solution appropriation for each project.
The executioner. Following the market crash in 2008, more and more pressure was placed on the installing authority to provide design and “value-engineering” input related to building envelope protection systems.
General Contractor
Becoming a more sensible sales target as much of today’s public infrastructure and healthcare work is design-build. The advent of BIM (building information modeling) is giving GCs greater visibility and understanding of the BEP trades.
Building Owner
The ultimate controlling interest in the project–the money. Owners are (generally) less concerned about technology and more concerned about cost to produce.

Market Approach

Element Building Solutions five-pronged approach cultivates a sales experience that not only matches clients with key partners and providers, but takes them under our wing for the long haul. Element has an expansive network of supply partners to continue to be your ally, even after the sale is over.

We assist in developing comprehensive, territory specific sales strategies designed to quickly penetrate target markets and previously unattainable key players for our partners.

We assist the design, specification, consultation and installation communities independent of and alongside our key partners. 

We create volumes of opportunities with new products through reciprocal relationships in the market.  Our network of supply partners, applicators, and consultants help drive rapid growth for us and our allies in our areas of operation.

We closely track, monitor and (inevitably) secure projects through diligent planning efforts, deep knowledge of the market political landscape, and influence the decision-making process through to contract award; all while keeping our partners fully informed on critical information pertaining to the opportunity.

We train bidders on systems and application protocols to ensure bid accuracy and properly delivered installations.  We assist our key partners with on-site installation review and observation reports to help them continue selling, making us more effective sales and service organizations.  Post-sale service is a key component to continued growth.